You Can Get A Mini Dinosaur Waffle Maker For A Breakfast That’s Worth Roaring Over

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Posted on: March 17, 2020
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You Can Get A Mini Dinosaur Waffle Maker For A Breakfast That’s Worth Roaring Over

Forget boring plain waffles for breakfast, when there are much cooler options around.  You can make the best waffles on the planet with this awesome Dino Friends Mini Waffle Maker!

Simply make your favorite waffle batter, plug and heat up the Dino Friends Waffle Maker, pour in the batter, and you’ll have five different dinosaur waffles in a matter of minutes.  And with the quick cook time, once those dinos have been gobbled up, a fresh set will be ready to eat

The breakfast dinosaur friends include a T-Rex, Brontosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and Pterodactyl, for a complete Jurassic breakfast.  You could even serve them with some fruit rocks and mountains and a syrup swamp for diving, or maybe an ice storm is threatening to wipe out the dinosaurs with powdered sugar and whipped cream.  Even a few drops of food coloring can make your dinosaur waffles more realistic.

If dinosaurs aren’t your kids’ favorite, there are also adorable animal waffles makers with dogs, cats, and more, and a vehicle themed one that makes 3D cars, trucks, and buses.  

The Dino Friends Mini Waffle Maker can be purchased for $35.00.

If you are living with dinosaur loving kids, check out these awesome dinosaur ideas:

And did you know experts say kids who are obsessed with dinosaurs are smarter?  So enjoy all that dinosaur fun!

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