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Posted on: August 4, 2020
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Today, we’re announcing Shippo’s new partnership with Zapier: a web automation app that lets you streamline parts of your business. Zapier is great for business owners and small teams looking to connect the tools they use to run their business to further increase efficiency.

Zapier lets you build a Zap, a blueprint for a task you want to do over and over. A Zap works like this: “When I get a new thing in A, do this other thing in B.” The first part is the Trigger and the second part is the Action. You can mix and match triggers and actions to automate just about anything.

What Can I Do With the Shippo <> Zapier Integration?

With Zapier, Shippo users can:

What Triggers, Actions, and Searches are Supported?

You can set up the following with Shippo:




Click the links below to get started or check out our in-depth help center article on how to use Shippo with Zapier.

For more information about Shippo’s partners, visit our Partners page.

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