How to become expert in Selenium Automation Testing?

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Posted on: October 1, 2020
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How to become expert in Selenium Automation Testing?

You can learn Selenium Webdriver yourself in just 1 month, yes you read it right!

If you want my above statement to work for you, then you would have to come up with a proper study plan and follow it with discipline. Discipline is the key here. Good news is, I am going to help you to make that study plan and also will share very useful blog posts links for the same, later in this post.

First important question is: What all you need to learn to become expert in Selenium Webdriver?
Answer is simple, by learning everything mentioned below:

2. Coding concepts – You have to learn coding concepts/skills in any one of the language which Selenium support i.e., Java, Pyhton, Ruby, C#, PHP. Currently java is ahead in the race. Refer this link to learn Java for Selenium – Java Tutorials Series

3. Fundamentals of HTML & CSS – You should have very basic knowledge of Html, as while writing webdriver code you would need to find out locators of different web elements like text boxes, links, radio buttons etc. So it would be good to have some knowledge in html.

4. Locators – There are generally 9 different types of locators by which you can locate a web element in Selenium, but most important are xpath & css. Refer – Selenium Locators

5. Selenium Webdriver – After learning any language, you have to learn Webdriver commands and their real-time implementation. Refer – Selenium Webdriver Tutorials Series

6. Unit Testing Framework: Next thing in your learning is unit testing framework of the language you learned for Webdriver. Every programming language has it’s own unit testing framework like for Java, most commonly used unit testing frameworks are – JUNIT and TestNG. ReferTestNG Tutorials Series

7. Automation Framework: Automation test engineers generally build an automation framework by using programming language, webdriver commands and unit testing framework and then automate the test cases using that framework. The don’t write just linear scripts or one script for one test case. So, framework is very important part of automation. Main reasons of using an automation framework over linear scripts are:

  1. Code re-usability
  2. Scaleability
  3. Reduce test code maintenance cost
  4. Report generation
  5. Gives the flexibility to integrate more tools under one umbrella
  6. Increase test team’s speed and efficiency

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This post is specially designed for those folks who want to learn or currently learning Selenium. In this post, I cherry picked links of some of the top demo websites/pages which you guys can use for practice purpose. On the top of it, I also designed Practice Assignments which you can practice on the the shared demo website links. 

1. AUTOMATION PRACTICE FORM Level – BeginnerAbout – This form contains all the important form elements which we come across daily like text box, radio button, check box, select drop downs, multi-select box, button, links, File Upload, Download link.Practice Assignments – Automate Browser Actions on using Selenium WebdriverAutomate Practice Form using Selenium Webdriver
This assignment is focused on covering all the scenarios for User Registration for an e-commerce website. In this assignments you will learn the different Selenium commands which are used to handle the web form. A web form is generally a collection of web elements like, text boxes, radio buttons, selection box etc. And in web testing, we mostly face web forms and our 90% of testing revolves around web forms. We are going to cover both positive and negative scenarios for User Registration.

Assignment Level – Intermediate

Positive Scenario

Test Case 1 – Automate User Registration Process

Steps to Automate:
1. Open this url
2. Click on sign in link.
3. Enter your email address in ‘Create and account’ section.
4. Click on Create an Account button.
5. Enter your Personal Information, Address and Contact info.
6. Click on Register button.
7. Validate that user is created.

If you find it difficult to automate above steps, then follow the referenc…

Browser commands are the starting point of your Selenium Webdriver script. These commands used to launch browser, maximize it, open URL to be tested and other navigation commands.
1. Browser Commands i. Set Path of browser/driver executable:
This would be the first line of your webdriver script. You have to download the browser executable file for the browser you are using and set path of the driver executbale to system property.Like for firefox you have to download geckodriver.exe and place in your project. Similarly for other browsers you have to download their browser/driver executables.Download Driver Executables link – is an example for Firefox.
// Set Path of driver executable
String driver_executable_path = “./src/com/techlistic/utils/geckodriver.exe”;

System.setProperty(“webdriver.gecko.driver”, driver_executable_path);

ii. Launch Broswer:

// Launch Browser – Creating a Firefox instance
WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDri…

In this assignment, you will learn to automate end-to-end Buy Product functionality of an e-commerce website. While automating this assignment, you will encounter many advanced Selenium Webdriver commands. That’s why this assignment is rated as ‘Expert’ Level. We will cover multiple  scenarios in this assignment.

Automation Level – Expert

Test Case 1 – Automate End to End Buy Order functionality.

Steps to Automate:
1. Open link
2. Login to the website.
3. Move your cursor over Women’s link.
4. Click on sub menu ‘T-shirts’.
5. Mouse hover on the second product displayed.
6. ‘More’ button will be displayed, click on ‘More’ button.
7. Increase quantity to 2.
8. Select size ‘L’
9. Select color.
10. Click ‘Add to Cart’ button.
11. Click ‘Proceed to checkout’ button.
12. Complete the buy order process till payment.
13. Make sure that Product is ordered.

If you find it difficult to automate …

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